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We are pleased to introduce you to our new project: the virtual championship REWILD THE WORLD.

Everything came about, like many things in life, almost by chance. While watching Sir David Attenborough’s documentary ‘A Life on Our Planet’ on Netflix, the famous popular scientist explained how we can restore some natural balance to our world.

It was like love at first sight! For some time now we have been planning the various activities for the year 2021 and one goal we have set ourselves is to make the website more focused on environmental messages. Some of our races are combined this year with associations with “GREEN” aims and with this project we would also like to create a specific section to follow and support environmental associations.

Listening to the documentary gave us the idea, which we present below:

The first thing we want to tell you, and which we ask you to bear in mind, is that we wanted to combine the project with World Land Trust (WLT). We chose this international organisation because Sir David Attenborough is their patron and because WLT has a programme called “Buy an Acre” ( through which, with the help of its supporters, WLT funds the purchase of threatened land around the world with the intention of keeping them “wild” and giving nature the chance to thrive for the benefit of animals and plant.
It seems to us, therefore, that this project could fit perfectly with our idea.

The Championship: Rules and scores.

And now we come to the championship and how it works.
The REWILD THE WORLD championship is structured over 7 races. The start of the championship is set for April 2021 and for each month, except August, you can participate in the monthly challenge. What is the challenge? To cover as many kilometres as possible during the month in order to aim for the top positions in the ranking. The ranking will be given by the sum of the kilometres but there will also be a coefficient related to speed and age and gender. To give you an example, a 30-year-old man who runs 10 km in 50:00 will receive 53 points on top of the 10 points awarded for distance, so a total of 63 points. A 45-year-old man covering the same distance will receive a total score of 67 points because he will have a higher distance/speed bonus. The calculation of this coefficient based on your age is the ratio of the approximate world record time for your age and gender divided by your actual time. The result generates a percentage (your percentage of the world record) of which we will take only the units and leave out the decimals. The calculation will be based on the software.
As usual, the rankings will only be indicative and there will be no prizes for the best but only the satisfaction of being among the top. The real prize is to be able to restore the ‘wildness’ of our planet to at least a small part.

The Medal

Those who are familiar with us know that we pay a lot of attention to the study of our medals. This is because we believe that it is doubly pleasing to receive a beautiful, purpose-made object of a certain value as a reward for the efforts made to achieve a result. With REWILD THE WORLD we couldn’t do any less, on the contrary!

The medal, of which you can see the final rendering here, will depict the world. However, it will be a special medal with the possibility of making it as pictured only by running all the races. But even those who only run part of the trials will get their full medal, just a little less colourful. To find out how it works, just sign up.