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We explain you step by step how it works.

A virtual race works just like any other competition, with the only difference that you can run the race distance anywhere, at any pace, indoors or outdoors, on a treadmill or even overseas! All you have to do is to take part to a race and provide evidence you did it. That’s all!

Virtual races are a great way to stay fit and active throughout the year. Having a target and knowing to be part of a competition can be surely stimolate to train at best and to be able to obtain amazing medals for your partecipation.

We also wanted to try and help some voluntary associations and charities that always show great care towards others and towards the less fortunate. We have chosen to donate a part of the proceeds of each race to different associations each time trying to help everyone a little.

Here below you find all explanations step by step.

Step 1

Choose the race you prefer. Fill out the registration form and select the distance you wish cover. There are reces of 5 km, 10 km, Halfmarathon and Marathon. A portion of the proceeds from all our events go to charities. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 2

During the race period, run the selected distance. You can run, or walk, wherever you want, at the time you want and obviously at the pace you want. You can choose to run or walk outdoors, on the road or in the countryside, at home with the treadmill (or even without if you prefer :-)). Remember to start your tracking device (Garmin, Fitbit, Runtastic etc. Any application and device is fine). We reccomend to follow always the local rules and have personal protective equipment with you at all times.

Step 3

When you have finished your run, send the result. We ask you to send a picture or screenshot of your performance. You can send it by email to: or via Messenger to: or even via Whatsapp to +39 348-3846972 specifying your name and the name of the completed race. Official results will be processed within 24 hours after results reception. You can also send your selfie before, during or after the run. Pictures will be part of our community.

Step 4

Get your prize. Once the result is made official, a certificate will be send by email. After a few days you will receive your medal by mail. How about posting a photo of yourself with the medal on our social media? You can come in contact with other runners with the same passion as your.

Step 5

After a well-deserved rest, how about a fresh re-start? You can decide to raise the bar or you can choose an association to which you contribute. All you need to do is…step back to Step 1.

Here below the summary: