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Lockdown period imposed by the pandemic Covid-19. Our habits are, as for everyone, upset. Normality becomes a chimera that is often distant and painful. Exits for training are banned, so try to compensate for this with some training at home. Competitions, whether competitive or amateur, in which we are signed in continue inexorably to be cancelled. And there is no certainty as to when and if they can resume.

This is the scenario to which we are, despite ourselves, used to live. We are a group of people who are passionate about running. Like many of you we are simple amateurs. This is where the idea was born. Being able to share with others the experiences made during the lockdown that saw us participating in virtual competitions among us friends. Now we would like to be able to bring all our passion to you as well through this project that makes us relive the emotions of competition, a bit of healthy competition and pushes us to always give our best. Because, as you know, a real runner “never gives up!”

In addition, just because during this period we listened and read news that made us understand the importance of some volunteer associations, we also wanted to donate a part of the income of each of our virtual races to a charity. We choose these associations on the basis of our personal knowledge and the undisputed neutrality of some of them. That’ s why many associations are from our area because we know the people concerned directly. If you would like to point out any other association that you think is worthy, we will certainly evaluate it. You can write to email below.

Our mission.

After we studied the functioning of the site and started to venture into the technical part, we looked at each other’s faces and shared that all this would be sterile if it ended up like this.

Practically immediately we realised that we wanted and could do something, even with just a few drops, to help others. We therefore wanted to combine each race with an ethical and charity association or foundation as mentioned above. But we don’t want to stop here.

Our project foresees that, after the first launch and settlement phase, operations can also pass to the people who some of these associations help directly. We are mainly referring to people with disabilities that we would like to use for various tasks. We may therefore be able to engage less fortunate young people by having them operate directly, those at the technical IT level, those at operational support to dispose of, for instance, shipments of medals. But there are many things to do and there will certainly be many things to do and we will try to involve disabled people in this as well.

We therefore want to make our project an inclusive one.

If you need any further information, you write us: